NADIN - USA TOUR [Documentary]

Nadin Pesci was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the middle eighties. She was only fifteen years old when she recorded her first solo album called "Cada día un sueño" under the BMG record label.
A few years later, she met Nicolas Olivieri and they started to write brand new songs and they founded a band that is called simply "NADIN". Immediately they started to pre produce and record a new album, something more rocker, full of electric guitars and powerful melodies. That album was released on May 1st 2012 and it's call "Me alcanza, me atrapa!" (Reaches me, catches me). CD now available at regular stores and digital format at iTunes Store.

During the last three years the band made a lot of shows in different cities and towns in Argentina. They shared stage with many popular latin american bands and made summer tours.
The band also released music videos of their singles "El momento indicado" (The right moment) and "Humo blanco" (White Smoke) those music videos were broadcasted on television (OpenAirTV, MTV, MuchMusic).

NADIN made their first tour in the United States in May 2013. The band played with U.S. local artists in different cities of Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, West Virginia and California presenting their new studio album.
Now the band is presenting a short documentary film about the adventures lived in the last USA TOUR and recording a new EP album.